EasyMover Roller

The EasyMover Roller moves objects and heavy loads, that can roll itself, such as paper reels, cable reels or even airplanes. The Easy Mover is placed against the object, the electrically or pneumatically driven motor drives the Easy Mover and moves the heavy object by using the weight of the object. For example, the EasyMover can manoeuver:

  • Paper Rolls
  • Cable Rolls
  • Buses
  • Trolleys
  • Trains
  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • Internal transport

Advantages of the EasyMover Roller

  • Move up to 50 tons of loads by one person
  • Saves personnel and equipment (forklift)
  • Prevents injuries of back, arms and shoulders
  • Quiet, clean and easy to use
  • Certificates or training not required

Electrically driven

In addition to the pneumatic Easy Mover there is the electric version that can be used anywhere where compressed air is not available.

  • Moved to 5 tons
  • Easy to use (no hoses)
  • Very easy to change battery
  • Standard additional battery
  • Battery charger for the 2nd standby battery

Pneumatically driven

  • High power
  • No risk of motor overload
  • Easy to operate at variable speed
  • Move objects up to 50 tons
  • Required compressed air 6 bar
  • Example
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